In Case You Missed It when your organization signed up to participate with Reliance eHealth Collaborative we wanted to take the chance to remind our communities that Reliance provides services that allow secure sharing of individual patient lab results from a growing number of laboratory systems across the Pacific Northwest. These results include both hospital-based labs as well as commercial laboratory results. The sharing of patient laboratory results is a powerful and relatively simple way to for providers to contribute to:

  • Improving availability of information at the point of care for all providers on the care team across the medical community
  • Improving availability of health data for more efficient and effective quality reporting
  • Create potential for reduction in duplicate testing and thus reduce the overall cost of care

Sharing of results ordered by providers from commercial labs, such as Quest, LabCorp and InterPath Laboratories, is an Opt-In Service.  Meaning, a practice must first authorize the commercial laboratory to contribute results on the clinic’s behalf. This can be easily accomplished by visiting the Reliance Web Site and completing the appropriate lab form. This service is offered at no cost to ambulatory care providers. Once the appropriate forms are complete Reliance will work with the lab to activate secure community sharing of laboratory results freeing up provider staff from taking requests to share individual lab results and ensuring providers no longer have to rely on patients to hand deliver lab results to a second provider. This service primarily benefits smaller providers, including those in rural and under-served areas, who currently typically rely faxes or on patients to deliver a printout of their lab results.

Along with the comprehensive lab information available from commercial laboratories Reliance also provides access to hospital based COVID-19 results to users. COVID-19 results may be found in the Reliance Community Health Record which is available to non-hospital based ambulatory care providers at no cost. For more information, questions or support with lab results please contact our Help Desk for technical issues, please call 1-855-290-5443 option 1 or send an email to