Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

What is a health information exchange (HIE)?

A health information exchange (HIE) helps your doctors care for you better because it allows them to send and receive your health care information to and from your other doctors (such as, hospitals, physician offices and labs, etc.) through a secure electronic network.  The HIE is a faster, better way for your doctors to send each other the information that is needed to care for you.  Also, the HIE is more private, secure, and more accurate than other ways your doctors share information (fax machines, mail, courier).

What kind of health information is being exchanged?

Your doctors can securely view information to treat you or send information from your medical record when they refer you to a specialist, which can speed up your treatment and may reduce the need for repeat tests – saving you time and money. Examples of health information that your doctor may send or receive include: lab results, x-ray reports, allergies you may have, and medications you take.

How does Reliance keep my health information safe?

The privacy and security of your information is of highest importance to Reliance.  Only authorized health care providers and staff can view your information. A secure log-in is required, so only the health care providers who are caring for you can see the information they need to give you the best care, and their activity is monitored. Reliance’s system is designed to meet all Oregon and federal laws regarding the protection of patient health information, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Also Reliance has strict privacy policies that health care providers must follow in order to participate.  Access to Reliance is protected by secure usernames and passwords assigned to select individuals

Who can see my health information?

Only health care providers who are providing you care are permitted to access your health information. For example, when your primary care doctor sends you to a specialist, the specialist can view your previous test results, which may prevent you from having to repeat tests, saving you time and money.  Also, if you need treatment in an emergency room (ER) and are unconscious, ER providers can view your recent health information, giving them information that may help them save your life.

Does Reliance share my health information with employers?

No, Reliance is used by health care providers.  It allows a secure way for health care providers to communicate with one another about your care so they can treat you. The Federal HIPAA Privacy Rule prohibits disclosing your health information to your employer without your signed permission.

How does Reliance help improve the quality of my health care?

Reliance’s Community Health Record helps your doctors view the most current information electronically at the time and place of your care regardless of who ordered tests or where you went for care in the past, which helps your doctors take care of you better.  This saves you from having to carry your health information from one doctor to another.  It also saves you from having to get the same tests done over and over.  That is good for you because it may save you time and money and speed up your care.  

Is Reliance exchanging information today?

Yes, an up-to-date list of health care providers who are exchanging information with one another through Reliance is on the Reliance website here.

How can I join Reliance?

Today, Reliance is only for your health care providers.  You can help Reliance by asking your health care provider if they participate in Reliance.  Tell them you want them to use Reliance to better care for you.

Can I Opt-Out of Reliance?

If you wish to Opt-Out of the Reliance community HIE you may fill out the Opt-Out Request Form below.

Reliance Opt-Out Request Form and Cover Letter

Reliance Opt-Out Cancellation Form and Cover Letter

Formulario de Pedido de Exclusión

Formulario de Cancelación

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