Who is participating with Reliance?

Data Contributors as of June 2023

These are organizations that have an electronic interface to the HIE.  This interface allows the participating organization to contribute data as well as electronically consume data through the HIE.  Data Participants can be small ambulatory medical practices, major health systems or hospitals, commercial laboratory and radiology systems, health insurance providers or other health information exchanges.   The Data Participant page provides additional detail and access to a list of data Participants and the type of data they contribute and/or consume through Reliance.

The following type of results are delivered to the Consolidated Clinical Inbox from the Reliance Data Contributors List:

  • Lab Results
  • Pathology  Results
  • Radiology Reports
  • Admission, Discharge, Transfer Face Sheets
  • Transcribed Reports
  • Cardiology Reports
  • Care Summaries
  • Claims

Portal Participants as of June 2023

These are organizations that access the Reliance Community Health Record or eReferrals application.  These organization may also be Data Participants but it is not a requirement for the use of the Community Health Record or eReferrals application.

Portal Participants are able to access a wide range of patient information and reports aggregated from data contributed by Data Participants which is used to aide in informing decision making at the point of care and avoid duplication of costly services. View the current participating practices and learn who is using Reliance Referrals and the Community Health Record.