Secure Messaging through Reliance

Reliance Direct Messaging is a secure email service that is specifically designed for the exchange of electronic personal health information (ePHI)  between individuals who care for or manage a patient’s health and well-being, including those providing physical, behavioral, social services and those with whom they coordinate. The service improves patient care and facilitates care coordination.

Benefits of Reliance Direct Messaging:

  • Allows you to communicate securely with whom you need to coordinate care or provide documentation, including attaching clinical results and reports from your EHR or from other electronic sources, such as the Reliance Consolidated Clinical Inbox.
  • Saves you and your staff time by not relying on fax machines, telephone, mail, or courier to send and receive patient information.
  • Lessens the burden on your patient of having to transfer medical records and test results to their other providers and other organizations that coordinate services for the patient.
  • Encourages information sharing to reduce duplicate procedures, tests, and medications.
  • Helps providers meet meaningful use requirements.

How Does Direct Messaging Work?

Direct Messaging is a secure Email system.  It works just like your personal email but it is safe and secure, using federal standards for trusted and encrypted health information exchange.  Just like regular email, you can attach any type of file to a message and send it to another Direct user.  Because Direct Messaging is secure you can attach patient health information, such as patient care summaries, demographic information, lab results, diagnostic test results, medication lists, or any other information that is relevant for another provider to know in the care of your patients.

When would you use Direct Messaging?

You and other Reliance providers will use Direct Messaging when:

  • Requesting consults.
  • Supporting patient transitions of care to other providers in the community, such as rehab facilities, nursing homes, surgery centers, or other organizations that coordinate services for the patient.

Who can use Direct Messaging?

Any health care provider and/or organization that provides services can apply for a Direct address and participate in Direct Messaging.  In order to receive a Direct address, the provider or organization must be validated as an active and appropriate provider.  This is necessary to ensure that patient information is kept private and secure and clinical data can be exchanged in a trusted and safe manner compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Do I need an EHR to use Direct Messaging?

No, you and other authorized users do not need an electronic health record (EHR) system to use Reliance Direct Messaging. All you need is an Internet connection, a web browser and a Direct Messaging address.

Is there a limit on Direct Messaging email accounts per organization?

There is currently no limit to the number of Direct Messaging addresses an organization can have.

Sign up for Direct Messaging & eReferrals

Click here to receive your personal Reliance Direct Messaging email address.  You also may choose additional authorized members of your staff to have full access to your email inbox. These additional users can then receive and send messages on your behalf.