Benefits for Providers

Join Oregon’s movement toward efficient patient-centered care and experience the benefits of Reliance:

  • Search and view patient health records:  Reliance gives you the opportunity to search and view up-to-date patient Doctor Using Digital Tablet Talking With Senior Patientrecords that include lab and diagnostic tests, hospital reports, and discharge summaries as well as care summaries you provide to Reliance.  This allows for your patients to get the best possible care based on the most up-to-date and relevant information, no matter where in the community they access health care.
  • Reduce missing patient information: Reliance empowers you to quickly and securely view patient health information and test results that can eliminate duplicate testing, which will save your patients’ and other providers’ valuable time.
  • Improve results management: Interfacing with hospitals and health systems, Reliance delivers clinical results and reports in standardized formats to physicians’ EHRs and to payers’ care management systems in real time. Reliance fully automates the delivery and receipt of clinical results and reports, which benefits all those involved in the patients care by providing a single interface for all data to/from the Reliance provider community. Reliance users without an EHR or care management system can utilize web-based tools to access their patient results/reports.  The results are delivered in real time, and provide alerts for abnormal results allowing for immediate follow up, if needed.
  • Experience EHR cost savings: Reliance provides one EHR interface for all sources of patient information so you do not have to pay to implement and maintain multiple EHR interfaces.  As new hospitals, labs and diagnostic facilities provide information through Reliance, the same interface can be used to receive results from these health information sources.
  • Improve transition and coordination of care: Reliance streamlines clinic workflow by providing consolidated results delivery from all participating hospitals in one place, giving users the ability to manage communication more effectively. Not only can providers view necessary patient information and send referrals, they can receive a response back regarding the patient’s outcome and treatment plan, which enables the provider to close the referral loop. Care management teams may view Reliance to coordinate care across physical, behavioral and dental health via a web-based application.
  • Expand and simplify your access to other providers:  Reliance provides you with easy, secure and instant access to a provider directory for referrals and secure messaging. Reliance users can access a statewide directory of Direct secure messaging addresses including members of CareAccord, Oregon Health Sciences University and more.
  • Strengthen privacy and security: Reliance’s role-based user management protects your patient health information better than faxing or mailing by allowing you to securely view patient information and send patient referrals and messaging directly to other providers inside and outside of your practice or current network.

Do the best you can for your patients…know more about them so you can provide the best care possible.

If you have questions or wish to enroll in Reliance, contact or call, toll-free, 1-855-290-5443.