What Reliance means to you

Benefitting a Network of Patients, Providers and Payors

Reliance was created by doctors, hospitals and public health agencies interested in improving the health care system by connecting health care providers for more timely, efficient, and patient-centered health care services.
Streamlined workflow provides consolidated results from all participating hospitals, giving users the ability to manage secure patient information and networked communication more effectively.
Reliance supports care coordination, hospital notifications, discharge management, HEDIS reporting, and more. When clinicians utilize Reliance in the care of patients, costs for providing coverage for these patients decreases.

Reliance facilitates patient-centered care through a community-driven and clinician-led collaboration that promotes better health and provides value through secure and trusted information sharing.

“Reliance helps us get urgently referred work-in patients into our office sooner. Rather than a standard phone call or fax, everything I need to schedule the patient and determine urgency is available.”

Jennifer Rafala, Medical Eye Center (Medford)

“Reliance has improved our workflow immensely. With reduction of lost inbound and outbound patient referrals and improved interaction between referral staff it’s been a win-win situation for our patients as well as our staff.”

Atocha Brown, Klamath Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic (Klamath Falls)

“I had a patient that was in extreme pain and she was not able to wait for months for an appointment.  I went on Reliance and submitted all the information that was requested for me to submit and then I documented that this is a STAT situation and that they needed an immediate appointment.”

Tanya Bresach, Grants Pass Clinic (Grants Pass)

“Reliance eReferrals have made referrals more streamlined and efficient. For some of our chronic patients I am able to let the doc know if the patient had an appointment or one coming up. It is fast and easy to look up and it makes my providers happy when I can give them that information in a timely manner.”

Nina Marvin, Columbia Gorge Family Medicine (The Gorge)

“Our Medical Examiner is able to get medical records quickly to process death certificates for grieving families who need to deal with estate issues after family death.”

Kathi Hall, North Central Public Health Department (The Dalles)