This week, in a continuing effort to present relevant, actionable data to the Reliance Community of Participants the HIE launched the COVID-19 Flag within the Reliance Community Health Record (CHR).

COVID-19 Flag Example

The COVID-19 Flag is displayed in the patient demographic banner when a patient has a positive indication of COVID-19 found in their medical records and helps CHR users to clearly identify COVID-19 risk when assessing patient records.

The COVID-19 flag is shown when patients have a COVID-19 positive lab result or a COVID-19 Diagnosis Code that is consistent with CDC recommendations for identifying and  coding COVID-19 infection from any of the Reliance eHealth Collaborative Data Participants. This new feature of the CHR will most meaningfully impact health systems and provider offices as they perform chart prep or conduct pre-admission activities for patients new to the practice or health system making information about potential COVID-19 risk clearer for the authorized end user and allowing health care providers to better comply with CDC and State Health Authority guidelines for evaluating risk for elective or non-med

The COVID-19 Flag is the latest addition to the toolset of COVID-19 related  notifications and reporting available to Reliance eHealth Collaborative end users. In May Reliance announced the availability of a range of COVID-19 Notifications and Reports available to users of the Community Health Record including the COVID-19 Test Results Notifications, the COVID-19 Symptoms and Comorbidities Reports and the Patient Demographic Report, which is particularly useful in COVID-19 Contact Tracing activities.

The Reliance Community Health Record is a web based tool that provides authorized users the opportunity to search and view near-real-time patient records that include demographic information, admissions and discharge events, lab and diagnostic tests, hospital reports, and discharge and care summaries from both inpatient and outpatient care locations no matter the EHR being used by a provider or where in the community the patient accesses health care.

The Reliance CHR is available at NO COST to outpatient healthcare providers. We encourage you to contact our Help Desk if have questions about the COVID-19 Flag, Notification capabilities or need support obtaining access to the Community Health Record. Reliance Help Desk staff may be reached through or calling 855-290-5443 and select Option 1.