Improves Clinical Quality Management and Reporting With Proven Results

Reliance has worked diligently to mature Reliance Insight, a comprehensive tool that provides reports, analytics and data for a member or patient population. Reliance Insight provides near real-time actionable data and alerts that enable health plans and providers to better coordinate care and report on quality improvement measures.

Participants use Reliance Insight to evaluate programs and services for their effectiveness and progress toward quality improvement metrics and clinical guidelines. With data aggregated from the community, Reliance Insight has proven to raise quality scores by breaking down information silos. Reliance Insight users benefit from quality reporting that reaches beyond their own EHR and data systems to integrate data from any Reliance contributing organizations who have provided services to patients/members they have in common.  Some examples of how organizations are using Insight include:

  • Reliance Insight Pregnancy Report is helping payors reach out to recently pregnant Medicaid patients to give them resources and care they need in the first trimester. Previously they could not reach out in a timely manner due to the time lag of only having access to claims data. Reliance Insight’s real time data helps payors take action during a critical window for the mother and developing fetus.
  • Reliance Insight Homeless Report helps triage staff look for signals in patients that indicate likely homelessness and reach out to them to deliver care and services.
  • Reliance Insight CCO Childhood Immunization Report allows CCOs to see how children are tracking with each required immunization in real time so that they can work with practices to provide the kids with all required vaccinations before the end of the two-year period.
  • Care managers have used Reliance Insight to investigate patient care gaps in consolidated reports instead of searching within EHRs. They can then see if a patient has had a care gap filled at another care provider, saving time and possibly reducing redundant procedures and visits.

In December, Reliance received CMS approval as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for eight quality measures.

Learn more about how Reliance Insight can help your organization enhance your quality measures and increase revenue from incentive-based payments. Contact for information.

Meet the Insight Team

Patrick Andersen, Healthcare Data Analyst and Interface Specialist

Andersen began his career in health care technology by working as a tech support specialist for a claims adjudication software vendor. Since that time, he has logged over a decade of experience in healthcare technology and development with a focus on electronic data interchange (EDI).

He also gained extensive knowledge in healthcare reporting by working with clients to assess workflows and translate technology to end user business requirements. He also served as an EDI developer for a coordinated care organization, providing him with experience in Medicaid and Medicare data and reporting requirements.

Andersen is passionate about creating an interactive and useful analytics platform that payors and providers can use to ensure better care for their members and patients. His combination of clinical workflows, reporting, government regulations, EDI and software development knowledge has created a solid foundation for his role at Reliance.

“I believe in building a long lasting and trusting relationship with our customers and take time to listen and understand their particular needs,” he said.

“My true desire is to create a positive experience and enhance confidence for those trying to better the health care industry,” Andersen said.

Ben Lawrence, Healthcare Data Analyst

Based in Portland, Lawrence is a recent graduate of the collaborative biomedical informatics degree program offered through Portland State University and Oregon Health & Science University. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Biomedical Informatics in the Health Information Management Track, which makes him eligible to sit for the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) exam in May. His education informs his work at Reliance.

“Using the Python programming language, we ingest and output data in a way that allows payors and physicians to identify at-risk patients, gaps in care, and clinical quality metrics management,” he said. Coupling existing clinical data with a recent acquisition of claims and pharmaceutical data, the team plans to apply predictive analytics to help Insight users improve patient outcomes.

Lawrence is a Portland native who enjoys spending time in the Pacific Northwest with his family, friends, and dog. He likes science fiction, playing chess, and trying new restaurants in Portland. He also was recently selected to participate as a volunteer Data Scientist in Hack Oregon, a non-profit that aims to promote engagement, awareness, and quality of life through open civic data.

Scott Tse, Healthcare Data Analyst

Before joining Reliance, Tse was in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry in various engineering, sales, marketing and management roles.

“I have always loved working with data and valued organizations that used data effectively to make better decisions,” he said.

As one of the healthcare data analysts on the team, Tse’s day-to-day activities include building and improving Insight, validating data with partners, and communicating with them to understand their needs. He also is heavily involved in procuring a Business Intelligence tool, which will enable Insight to provide interactive data visualizations.

“I’m very excited to be with Reliance and glad to have pivoted my career to a data role that makes a positive difference in my region and community,” he said.

Tse lives in Portland with his wife and two kids. They enjoy being outdoors and sampling all the great food in the city.