Reliance Insight is our new service that helps you enhance your patient information for more robust, normalized and standardized clinical quality reporting. Reliance Insight offers participants the capability to augment the information and capacity of their EHR to support population health management and clinical quality metrics (CQM) management and reporting.

By interfacing your EHR with Reliance Insight, you can:

  • Identify patients who are at risk for chronic and acquired diseases early. Early detection allows care providers to better manage their patients’ conditions and prevent costly, adverse events.
  • Streamline and enhance reporting for quality metrics, including federal and state reporting requirements. Using Reliance Insight can help to satisfy many of your Stage 3 Meaningful Use and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Quality Payment Program (QPP) Advancing Care Information requirements.
  • Improve revenue by achieving the best reimbursement rates in a value-based care system. Organizations that have risk sharing or value-based contracts are required to meet a set of quality metrics for which they are paid, either through QPP, Medicaid via CCO metrics and meaningful use; or other payor and provider-based accountable care models. Doing exceptionally well in meeting these metrics often results in incentive payments allowing providers to maximize revenue.
  • Identify gaps in care. Reliance Insight allows you to identify gaps in care in real time so that you can provide screenings, medications or vaccines that the patient may have missed in the past.
  • Identify social determinants of health. Using Reliance Insight can help provide a more complete patient picture by identifying determinants such as socioeconomic status, education, physical environment, employment, and social support network. Identification also may provide an opportunity for providers to connect patients with services.
  • Supports provider attribution and risk management. Reliance Insight brings together multiple sources to give providers confidence in their patients’ data validity.

“With the rollout of Reliance Insight, our initial focus has been ongoing development of standards-based clinical quality metrics to meet customer needs of federal and state reporting requirements,” said Travis Gamble, Ph.D., health data analyst at Reliance.

He said the team is now expanding services to support efforts to partner with Reliance participants to customize requirements to help them better understand their patient populations.

Our goals will enable Reliance Insight to:

  • Incorporate data from multiple sources such as registries, surveys, etc.
  • Expand decision making support for providers with clinical elements, social determinants, and behavioral health data
  • Use all data sources to advance our predictive modeling services

Reliance Insight normalizes data across all contributors in the health information exchange and indexes all data elements, including:

  • Discrete values, such as lab results
  • Text, such as allergies, problems, provider notes, radiology reports
  • Codes, such as medications, diagnosis, procedure.

That means that any and all data in Reliance can be reported upon, provided there is a relationship between the patient and the Reliance participating organization in compliance with law.

Regardless of the type of report, Reliance works with and will continue to work with providers to validate the consistency, completeness and accuracy of the data both at an aggregate and patient level.

“It is difficult to predict the questions, tools, and techniques that will be used to provide clinical decision support in the future, but we can be confident that clean, complete, and accurate data will be necessary to translate it into meaningful information,” he said.

Learn more about Reliance insight by contacting us at or calling (855) 290-5443.