Reliance is pleased to announce that providers in Central Oregon are now using Reliance’s new and integrated eReferrals and Community Health Record application.

The enhancements made to these applications bring vast improvements and benefits to Reliance users, including:

  • Web-based applications that no longer require a node on your server, saving set up and maintenance time and disk space;
  • Shared patient demographic information across the HIE platform eliminating the need to enter patient information when creating a new referral for a patient in the HIE;
  • A Unified Landing Page that provides a menu upon log-in from which you can choose the application you want to use and then seamlessly more between applications once in a patient’s record.

Several Deschutes County clinics have already signed up to participate, including:

  • Mosaic Medical
  • High Lakes Primary Care
  • Endocrinology Services Northwest
  • Deschutes County Health Services

The participating organizations will help validate the eReferrals system, assess workflow and provide feedback to Reliance. Information gathered from the pilot will enable Reliance to more widely deploy the integrated environment to all of our users in 2018.

Keep an eye out for more information about the pilot in our upcoming eNewsletters and email correspondences.

Interested practices can learn more about getting onto the new applications by contacting Reliance at