MIN-NS Subscribers, Vendors and Partners

Dear MIN-NS Subscribers, Vendors and Partners:

Despite efforts towards long-term sustainability Medical Information Network – North Sound was unable to fund ongoing operations through 2019 and MIN-NS terminated all services effective March 31st, 2019. On or before that date, consistent with MIN-NS Business Associate Agreements, all network feeds to the MIN-NS environment were terminated and all data including all backup copies were deleted according to Department of Defense and NIST information security standards.

Many MIN-NS subscribers and partners have come to value the patient health information available in the MIN-NS HIE and the absence of MIN-NS services in the five-county area creates a gap in access and availability to important patient health information. To fill the gap in data access for the MIN-NS community of users Reliance eHealth Collaborative has initiated an effort to migrate data interfaces, historical data and access to Community Health Records functionality for MIN-NS users. In addition to continuing community health record and data exchange services Reliance also brings to the MIN-NS community access to many of the same services previously offered by MIN-NS as well as access to a wider network of HIE participants, services and capabilities for data exchange.

Existing MIN-NS subscribers or those in the Northwest Washington region desiring access to Community Health Records via a Health Information Exchange should contact Krista Navarro (Krista.Navarro@RelianceHIE.org) for more information or questions.