Improve care coordination and save resources by making electronic referrals.

Specialists using Reliance report that they can see patients up to 4 days faster when the referral comes through Reliance.  Why?  Because the referral is more complete and the data is electronic so it can be imported into their electronic health record.  That means fewer phone calls and less data entry than referrals received by fax.

With Reliance’s referral application, the process is easy and it provides you with a secure and convenient way to send, receive, manage and follow up on patient referrals.

Making a referral using Reliance is fast, simple and complete:

  • Search a directory for referral options by provider name, practice name or specialty/service.
  • Track the referral status of your patients.
  • View available referral appointment dates and times.
  • Attach relevant patient test results, consults and medical history from your EHR.*
  • Communicate securely with providers inside and outside of your current network.

Receive referrals that are more complete and tailored to your practice needs:

  • Personalize referral criteria and announcements and enter alerts for those making referrals to you.
  • Sort and filter referrals by criteria.
  • Assign referrals to staff or other providers
  • Communicate securely with referring providers inside and outside of your network.
  • Send summaries/reports from patient visits to the referring provider to close the referral loop.*
  • Attach patient education materials or instructions that the referring provider can give to the patient in preparation for your appointment with them.

For more information on Reliance’s electronic referral system, click here.

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