Notice of Issue: Reliance recently became aware of an issue regarding the eReferral applet version. Users without administrative rights may find their applet is not on the most recent Reliance eReferrals version. The applet version is found on the top left corner of the applet after sign in is complete. If you are on Version 5 Release 1 Build 50, you are up to date and no action is needed. See below:

Solution: If (in the yellow section above) your version is not up to date, complete the action step below to bring your applet to the most current version. This installation should allow all users without computer administrator rights the ability to stay on the most up to date version as future updates are made available.

Action Steps

  1. Click the follow link:
  2. Click Run (Once complete you will see the following update window)
  3. Login and confirm your version matches the yellow section highlighted above

If you have additional questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at or call (855) 290-5443.