A web-based eReferrals environment will make the need for servers and nodes obsolete; enabling navigation between the Community Health Record (CHR) and eReferrals right from your EHR.  If you contribute care summaries to Reliance, you also will receive some big workflow enhancements that result in automated meaningful use transitions of care:

Send a Meaningful Use 3 Compliance Referral Every Time:  When you contribute care summaries from your certified EHR to Reliance, your eReferral will pull your last contributed care summary for the patient you are referring…every time.  That means that you won’t have to save the care summary and upload it to the eReferral ever again.  Reports available in Reliance will support your MU transitions of care enumeration.  And if you are receiving referrals, you can still set up requirements, such as questionnaires, forms and clinical result/report prerequisites.

Auto-populate Patient Demographics:  seamlessly move between your EHR (with single sign-on integration with Reliance) to the CHR and eReferrals system keeping your patient in focus the whole time.  That means that demographic information will automatically populate your eReferral.

Enhanced CHR Experience:  Through the enhanced CHR, information contributed in care summaries will be presented as discrete results, reports and encounters.  No more having to review each care summary document.  All values will be provided in the summary view.  When you find the information you are looking for in results, reports and encounters, you can still view the care summary document and download it to your EHR.

Reliance eHealth Collaborative’s Implementation Team will be holding informational webinars in the coming months to demonstrate the new functionality.  Watch for more information about these enhanced services and opportunities to start using them.