In addition to gearing up for next Monday’s eclipse, the Reliance Team has been very, very busy this summer, working to make patient-centered care easier for our participants by enhancing services, such as integrating the Community Health Record and eReferrals, offering clinical alerts and notifications, taking steps toward connecting to the U.S. Veteran’s Administration and establishing a consent model to support behavioral health information exchange.

This issue of The Exchange highlights the recent Transforming Behavioral Health Forum; Statewide ADT connectivity; Reliance Insights – our new data analytics platform; and a profile of Travis Gamble, Ph.D., a health data analyst with Reliance.

Help connect your colleagues to these new services. If you refer to or exchange information with providers who are not currently participating in Reliance, let us know and we will reach out to them. Email or call toll-free (855) 290-5443 and we will do the rest!

Yours in good health,

The Reliance Team