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View VA Health Records

Coming Soon!  Accessing Your Patient’s Health Information from the Veterans Administration (VA)

Reliance eHealth Collaborative will participate in the eHealth Exchange, which allows secure sharing of health information between VA and non-VA health care providers. To share information between Reliance and the VA, your patient must register with the VA Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) and give authorization by completing the VLER Health Authorization form.

View the guide explaining the VLER registration process:

Access the VLER Health Authorization form:

When your VA patient participates in VLER you will be able to access your patients VA health information using Reliance in near real time — instead of days or weeks — enabling you to quickly make informed decisions that result in better care.

Benefits of sharing health information electronically also include:

  • Reducing conflicting treatment and medication recommendations.
  • Preventing repeat or duplicative tests and procedures.
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs.
  • Supporting more efficient workflow than sharing paper records.
  • Minimizing delays in accessing care.

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