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Reliance Community Health Record

Join now to use Reliance to access the information you need, when you need it to better care for your patients.  

Experience the benefits of Reliance Community Health Record (CHR):

  • Improve transition and coordination of care: Reliance streamlines your workflow by providing consolidated results delivery from all participating hospitals in one place and by giving you the ability to manage provider communication effectively.
  • Experience EHR cost savings: Reliance provides one EHR interface for all sources of patient information so you do not have to pay to implement and maintain multiple interfaces.  As new hospitals, labs and diagnostic facilities provide information through JHIE, the same interface can be used to receive results from these health information sources.
  • Improve Results Management: The Reliance Consolidated Clinical Inbox or EHR interface allows you to view, manage and send results to your EHR. The results are delivered in REAL time, allowing for immediate follow up, if needed.
  • Search and view patient health records: Reliance will give you the opportunity to search and view up-to-date patient records that include lab and diagnostic tests, hospital reports, and discharge summaries as well as care summaries from ambulatory clinics as we build out those interfaces. This allows for your patients to get the best possible care based on the most up-to-date and relevant information, no matter where in the community they access health care.

Reliance Community Health Record (CHR) features include: 

Patient Search – Reliance users can view their patient’s most current information at the time and place of care regardless of who ordered the test or where the patient went for care. Authorized users are able to search Reliance for test results, discharge summaries, clinical reports, care summaries and more. The Community Health Record reduces the time spent chasing down missing results and reports and prevents providers from having to send patients for repeat tests.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Connectivity – Meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements for lab and care summary exchange. Reliance will work with EHR vendors to:

  • Deliver results from any of the participating data sources directly into a certified  EHR. 
  • Contribute care summaries from a certified EHR and make it available to share with other providers who are caring for a patient. 
  • Download data from the Community Health Record to an EHR.
  • Get more information about connecting your EHR to Reliance.

Consolidated Clinical Inbox – The Reliance Consolidated Clinical Inbox is a one-stop resource that allows providers and their staff to view, manage and send results to an EHR where direct interfaces do not exist. Reliance Consolidated Clinical Inbox is where users can view their patients’ clinical results, reports and hospital or emergency admission and discharge reports from all participating data sources. The results are delivered in real-time, including alerts for abnormal results. From the Reliance Consolidated Clinical Inbox, users can view, filter, sort, print results, and much more. Users also can select results delivery preferences for inbox, printing and EMR connectivity, allowing for each user to specify what types of data they want to populate in the inbox and from which contributing organizations. 

Be the first to use these exciting new services!  Contact Reliance by email at or call, toll-free, 1-855-290-5443.

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