Leslie Johnstone
Comagine Health

Ms. Johnstone joined Comagine Health in 2013 and is currently responsible for contract operations in the systemwide quality improvement division. Prior work with Comagine Health included leading large quality improvement projects such as the federally funded Hospital Improvement Innovation Network project and Nursing Facility Initiative. Ms. Johnstone also served an interim leadership role for the HealtHIE Nevada health information exchange that was managed by Comagine Health. Prior to coming to HealthInsight, Ms. Johnstone served three years as the Executive Director for the Health Services Coalition; a Las Vegas based non-profit supporting 23 self-funded health benefit plans in provider contracts and health care quality. Between 2001 and 2010, Ms. Johnstone worked for the State of Nevada, most recently as the Executive Officer for the State’s employee health benefit program. Ms. Johnstone relocated to central Oregon in 2017 and enjoys the equestrian trail riding opportunities that Oregon allows.