Get Ready! Take Action Now and Get Your Patients’ PDMP Reports Faster through Reliance

///Get Ready! Take Action Now and Get Your Patients’ PDMP Reports Faster through Reliance

Get Ready! Take Action Now and Get Your Patients’ PDMP Reports Faster through Reliance

Reliance will soon be providing seamless access to Oregon’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). As a Reliance user, you will be able to retrieve PDMP information through your Reliance Community Health Record (CHR) log in. As an authorized PDMP provider or delegate, you can look up your patients in Reliance and seamlessly view your patient’s controlled substance prescription report in the CHR as well as save it to your EHR.

Just fill out the Reliance PDMP Service Agreement found at and one of our Implementation Specialists will be in touch to schedule training.

Not a PDMP User? Sign Up Today and Simplify Your Workflow!
Before signing up to access the PDMP through Reliance, you must first be an approved PDMP user. If you are not yet a provider or delegate in the PDMP system, click on this link and follow the steps below to enroll.

Some users may be eligible for auto-approval and will be granted immediate access to the PDMP. For step-by-step instructions on enrolling in the PDMP visit:

Provider Registration:
For PDMP provider questions, including delegate assignment and out-of-state provider access, visit:

To create a new account:

  • Enter an email address and create a password; choose Healthcare Professionals and the appropriate type in the dropdown list
  • Enter your Personal and Employer information
  • Choose a User Type and provide the required information for user validation
    IMPORTANT: Based on the PDMP role chose, you may be required to provide additional documentation, you will see the requirement listed under Validation Documents Required. Your account status will be shown as Not Complete until you submit the required documents.

Delegate Registration:
Delegates only have access to make patient requests on behalf of a PDMP user who authorizes them to request reports on their behalf.

  • Follow the steps above and choose a delegate role. You will have an additional Delegate section on the Registry Form
  • Delegates must specify the PDMP user on whose behalf they will be making requests for PDMP reports by adding the email address that each used to register
    IMPORTANT: Your supervisor must be registered and approved for PDMP use before you can register as their delegate.
  • If you are a delegate who passes Auto-approval, you will gain access to run reports in the system after your supervisor approves you.

After you have appropriate PDMP access, complete the form on and return it to The service is available at no cost to you during the first year.*

Benefits of connecting and accessing the PDMP via Reliance include:

  • Workflow Configurable Information Access. An authorized user can simply click a link to access their patient’s PDMP record displayed in the Reliance Community Health Record, saving time and improving patient care.
  • Faster identification. Being able to view the patient’s history in Reliance’s Community Health Record, along with opioid and other controlled substance prescriptions from the PDMP, allows providers to identify a patient’s prescribing history to determine the best course of treatment.
  • Easier referrals. Using Reliance’s eReferrals tool, the authorized provider can move seamlessly to create a referral for the patient to treatment services to address a suspected opioid abuse issue. For example, the clinician can create a referral for a drug treatment assessment and then monitor the patient’s progress resulting from the referral.
  • Comprehensive health information. As the only Health Information Exchange in Oregon capable of supporting behavioral health information sharing, Reliance brings together physical, behavioral and dental health information into a consolidated patient history.
  • Active alerts. Future functionality will allow the potential for Reliance PDMP users to set alerts to be notified when their patients receive opioid prescriptions from other prescribers.

For more information about Reliance, visit:

For more information about the Oregon PDMP visit:

*Future years may be covered by state or federal funds.


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